24/7 maintenance & ‘triage’ service

HeyRoomy has a partnership with Help Me Fix to provide 24/7 ‘triage’ service directly with a tradesperson over video. Tenants will be able to connect with someone in a matter of minutes to discuss and review the issue.

Most maintenance issues will be triaged directly between tenants and a qualified tradesperson over video. They will be able to connect with someone in a matter of minutes to discuss and review the issue.

The service is designed to save money and improve service to tenants by reducing unnecessary physical call outs. Engineers can triage issues remotely and help tenants to solve simple issues themselves under supervision, and if an issue cannot be fixed remotely, the virtual engineer will provide photos and details of the fault in the format of a job report so that we can collect quotes from our physical contractors for the repair. The engineer will also determine the urgency of an issue and can request an emergency attendance if deemed absolutely necessary when the office is closed.

This service is proven to have a positive effect on around 75% of issues which can avoid initial call out charges. Of these, up to 15% of issues been resolved on the call with the tenant and a further 50% diagnosed with no need for a physical engineer. It also removes biased job reporting as the engineers taking the calls are not necessarily the engineers who will be carrying out any physical repairs, this ensures transparency of reporting.

The service runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and dramatically improves service to tenants as they can access the service directly when they need it the most. It eliminates aborted calls, unnecessary visits and waiting times, and can connect tenants with an engineer before the issue gets worse or causes any damage to the property. Tenants will be advised to only use the service if there is a genuine maintenance issue at the property.

For us to continue to provide the best value service to our clients, we will be including this new and innovative way of dealing with maintenance issues free of charge.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact your property manager.

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